Chinese glucometer test strip

Chinese glucometer test strip

Icon July 27, 2022
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Chinese glucometer test strip

In continuation of the review of the Glucometer, I post a review of the test strips for it.
The strips were bought on TaoBao.
I ordered 4 packs of 50 pieces at once. I asked the intermediary to send only strips without needles, because. needles are not needed in such quantity and delivery is cheaper.

The parcel traveled for a standard month, it did not deteriorate on the way.
The intermediary took a photo before sending, I will not post them.

The kit includes:

Test strips – 50 pcs.
Needles – 50 pcs.
Glue meter calibration gadget – 1 pcs.

Price of 4 boxes without needles:

Each sachet contains a moisture-absorbing plate.
Very little blood is needed to determine sugar.

Expiration date until 2015.

I buy on Tao, because the price is cheaper than on Ali. I buy through the intermediary MisterTao

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