FlexJobs’ 2017 process Flex Brilliant analyze, our 6th yearly study of the styles travel the job ability fluctuations, offers a lot of understandings about flexible function.

FlexJobs’ 2017 process Flex Brilliant analyze, our 6th yearly study of the styles travel the job ability fluctuations, offers a lot of understandings about flexible function.

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FlexJobs’ 2017 process Flex Brilliant analyze, our 6th yearly study of the styles travel the job ability fluctuations, offers a lot of understandings about flexible function.

Even though some for the results are envisaged (employees across all age brackets wish most work mobility), our very own research exhibited some astonishing findings.

To master more information on exactly what job seekers decide in work convenience, most of us grabbed a deeper plunge into the feedback FlexJobs acquired from above 5,500 individuals who responded our very own analyze questions. The whole connection between our review plastered a wide range of guides connected with function versatility, within the enhanced productivity of isolated professionals, to businesses employing for isolated work.

It would likely are offered as understandable that many FlexJobs survey respondents seek remote get the job done (60per cent), and a number (62%) explained they’ve put or considered leaving an occupation because it wouldn’t offer pliable perform alternatives. But more answers to your review had been a lot more unexpected, and provided knowledge into exactly how, and just why, versatility things to most people looking for work.

Stop by these 15 shocking finding about job hunters in search of versatile services.


  • Pliable work is not just vital that you performing adults. Highlighting the extensive benefit of doing work mobility, 40percent of the 5,500+ respondents did not have family. While using father and mother are incredibly assisting drive the flexibility craze, there are lots of job hunters without girls and boys that find and worth perform ability.
  • Millennials will be in the limelight with the job market for some time while the major supporters of adaptable efforts, but the fee of answer from seasoned staff ended up being around exactly like those from more youthful job seekers on troubles encompassing perform convenience. Participants from inside the 20-29 age bracket was 11per cent—roughly just like the 11.5% reaction fee through the 60-69 age bracket.
  • 70percent of participants experienced about a bachelor’s level or a graduate amount, demanding the story that work-from-home employment, basically, are only available in lower-level employment.

The direction they work/job bing search:

  • Generally not very freelancers juggle several gigs. Associated with 1,300+ study respondents which outlined by themselves as freelancers, 38percent described possessing 1 gig during a period; 51percent juggled 2-3 performances at any given time; 8percent have actually 4-5 performances during a period and 3% have much more than 6 gigs at any given time.
  • Although co-working spaces have got not too long ago received eyes as a hot workplace trend, only 1percent offered these spots while the recommended spot to run the moment they have to get vital get the job done carried out. 52% choose their home workplace for maximum efficiency.
  • Making use of social media optimisation in one’s work bing search is usual; but 26% said usually do not at this time need any social networking programs within their job pursuit.
  • Scammers concentrating on on the internet people looking for work continue to search for victims, despite alerts against them. 8per cent being scammed after and 5percent were swindled one or more times. 10% know anyone who has come the person of a career con and 12percent discover more than anyone that has been the target of a job ripoff.
  • Countering the idea that earning money online may lower job opportunities, most respondents—72per cent—said they aren’t concerned that a flexible operate setup will damage his or her career progression.
  • While many participants explained they can be ready to exchange particular benefits to have services freedom, like for example getaway your time or 401K contributions, 43per cent announced that should not be necessary. This is stronger sign that actually work versatility is not really regarded a negotiating solution or perk but, progressively, an expected work advantages.

Precisely why they want versatile operate:

  • 16per cent of survey respondents declare medical or disability includes happen to be one factor in the reasons why they hunt for versatile efforts. Nevertheless, more firms offer adaptable employment for people with handicaps , particularly remote placements that permit https://datingmentor.org/hispanic-dating/ professionals to set up homebased offices.
  • Terrible commutes are not rare. 31per cent of participants reported having roundtrip commutes greater than 120 minutes.
  • It’s only some concerning cash. Work-life balance (72%) got the most significant aspect for people looking for work any time reviewing an occupation prospect, to increase salary and versatile routine (69%).
  • In spite of the climbing price of health coverage, 17percent of participants claimed they would deal medical insurance of their employer in return for the choice to telecommute.
  • Pliable people looking for work delight in functioning, with almost two-thirds (64%) of respondents reporting they run both mainly because they must get the job done and would like to operate. Another 11percent operate only because they need to.
  • Even though the most of group state it works to pay for fundamental gear, pay financial obligation, conserve for training, or traveling, more than 1/4 (27percent) also work to provide foundation and 15per cent work to help supporting his or her mom and dad.

Helping job seekers curious about locating versatile jobs, FlexJobs not too long ago discovered the premium 30 companies hiring freelancers , the ultimate 25 organizations renting for isolated projects , as well finest 15 enterprises for using people .

To find reputable pliable and remote-friendly positions and enterprises, look for activities on FlexJobs!

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